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toastiest LJ
Sleepy again 
11th-May-2005 08:43 am
Even though I had a decent night of sleep, I am sleep once again. I am, for now, resolved to get as much work done as possible today. I have a tangible task, and it is more challenging than developing; it's research and writing. I need to come up with a summary of knowledge base solutions. This is perhaps the first work task that I feel some pressure regarding. I know I should relish some challenge here, but I really would like to go back to sleep and wake up back home with a local job to go to, even if that local job makes me want to go home and sleep as well.

Tom Ridge says he was at odds over the President's decisions to raise the terror threat levels. Terrific. Proof (well, for some like me) that Bush just raised the threat level for political gain.

Is it Wednesday already? Oh, yeah, I got paid. Not that the money will last long.
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